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Jennifer Graves » Jennifer Graves (Special Education-Resource)

Jennifer Graves (Special Education-Resource)

  • Contact information:
  • (512) 355-2111
  • All About Me:  
  • Married with 2 girls
  • Live on a ranch with many animals
  • Hobbies:
  • -being outside with my family
  • -hunting, fishing, watching and playing sports
  • -sharing my faith with family and friends
  • -played softball at the University of Texas
  • Experience:
  • Bachelor Degree at the University of Texas In Austin (Applied Learning Development/specialized in Special Education)
  • Certifications in:

*Elementary Self Contained (Grades 1-8)

*Generic Special Education (pk-12)

*Generalist (EC-4)

*ESL (EC-12)

*Gifted and Talented

*Level 1 Wilson  Certified/working on Level 2 (group practicum)



  • Special Olympics

*ran clinics and coach for basketball, track and softball


  • Life Skills (3years)

*instructional partner

*student teacher

*summer school



  • Personal Caregiver (2 years)

*tube and night feeding

*administered medication

*self care/bathing


  • PPCD in Round Rock-5 years

*Children with Disabilities/Inclusion with teacher kids


  • General Education Teacher-3 years

*4th grade (all subjects)


  • Resource/Content Mastery/Inclusion-7 years


*behavior/social skills-6 years


Teaching Motto-

Every child is a gift. Every child can succeed.  Every day is a gift to give!!!!


Take one day at a time.