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The Bertram PreK/Kinder team is excited about the 2018-19 school year. The third six weeks is off to a great start. Students have been learning all about Thanksgiving traditions and look forward to learning about Christmas around the World.  We are exploring numbers 11-15 in math learning how to count, write, represent, and compare. Readers are digging deep in the books we read looking at story structure. Knowing the characters, setting, and what is happening grows our thinking.  In writing student authors learn to tell more by stretching out their sounds to write simple sentences.  



Strategies to help with your child learning to read.  When coming to unfamiliar or tricky words don't just give your child help. Encourage them to try something to figure out the unknown word. These are some strategies we use in the class.
Kindergarten has been working very hard to earn steps and get to 1G books. Check skill card to see how you can help your child move through the 1Y-3Y books. Readers know their consonant sounds and use them to help figure our unknown words.  We get our mouth ready like Lips the Fish to move through the word.
Kindergarten goal for the second semester is to be reading on a 1G.  Readers need to know 25 power words and all the consonant letter sounds. Please use the skill card to guide your home reading. Readers look for parts they know in tricky words to help with unfamiliar words.
Kindergarten uses superhero power to fuel their brain with power words! Flying to the top to meet our goal of 60 power words needed to be reading on 2G...end of the year expectation. 
The future of Texas...class of 2031! We set big dreams and aim high. Watch out world.

Please consider becoming a volunteer and joining the VIPS program.  See link for more information.


New Transportation Rule…How will your child get home? All changes must be made by 1:30 through the transportation link below:

Upcoming Events

 Jan. 8th   Students Return to School
Jan. 21st   Day of Service
Jan. 29th  7:15 am
Pastries with Parents
Feb. 1st   Donkey Day
Feb. 25th - Mar. 1st
Spring Book Fair
Feb. 26th  Math and Science Night