Administrative Team

Alicia Harris - Principal
I am proud to lead Bertram Elementary as the Principal. Just a little about myself, I have been blessed with diverse experiences that have given me opportunities to work with diverse groups of students and families. My work in schools began in 2001, while I was a college student serving as a mentor to underserved youth. Since then I have served as a classroom teacher, special education teacher, instructional coach, and assistant principal. I believe that people are at the heart of the work done in schools and relationships are a key element to successful schools. I was drawn to Bertram because of the relationships that can be formed and cultivated in a small community.
Like many of the teachers at Bertram, I love our school and the symbol that the historic Classic Building is to this community. The Classic Building is a living symbol of our community's commitment to the education of each young person who enters our doors. On a side note, if you drop by my office you will find my great-grandfather's 100-year-old school slate and the handbell from his one-room schoolhouse.  Like the Classic Building, my great-grandfather's slate and bell remind me of the transcending gift that is a quality public education. 
This year we will strive to provide a learning environment that enriches your child each day with new ideas, engaging experiences, and supportive relationships. Our goal is for every student to reach their fullest potential during their time at Bertram Elementary School. I am excited to meet the students and families of Bertram Elementary and begin a wonderful year together.
Allison Cobb - Assistant Principal
Leadership is about empathy. It’s about having the ability to relate and connect with people for the purpose of inspiring and empowering their lives.
~ Oprah Winfrey
I am a leader not because of the universities I have attended, the degrees I have earned or the awards that I now have boxed away. No, I am a leader because teachers, parents and their children poured their lives into me. YOU are the true leaders. YOU taught me everything I know. You held my hand along the way. You told me when I was doing a great job. You told me when something needed to change. We formed a partnership along the way and TOGETHER, we helped each other to become BETTER than we were before. The summation of my experiences leads back to YOU. With this being my first year at Bertram Elementary, I look forward to getting to know our school community and to learning from you so that I can be an even better leader through our journey together.
I began my career in education in 1989 and have served children and their families all over the great State of Texas (Houston, DFW, Amarillo area, Austin area) in many capacities (Kindergarten teacher, Head Start teacher, Special Education teacher, Counselor, Assistant Principal, Principal). I am grateful for my experiences and all of the wonderful relationships I have formed along the way. I am excited to join my bulldog family and to form new friendships.
Become the kind of leader that people would follow voluntarily, even if you had no title or position.
~ Brian Tracy