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1st Grade

From little seeds grow might trees....
Hello from Bertram Elementary's 1st Grade Team: Mrs. Lowe, Ms. Nichols and Mrs. Wagner.
We are very excited to be teaching our future leaders of the world.

What We Are Learning.....


Math 4th 6 Weeks


Skip count by 2 to determine the number of objects

Generate questions using graphs

Answer questions using graphs

Model numbers to 120

Write numbers in expanded form to 120

Compare numbers to 120

Order numbers to 120

Identify coins by name and value (penny, nickel, dime, quarter)

Count coins of mixed value


ELA 3rd 6 Weeks


Decode R controlled words  (ar, er, ir, or, ur)

Decode consonant digraphs  (tch, ng, ck)

Establish a purpose for reading

Identify author's purpose

Use context clues to understand meaning

Write a story about a topic of interest

Write letter using correct format

Revise a story by adding or deleting a phase or sentence

Use resources to find correct spelling

Our 1st Grade Schedule

7:40             Pick up Students from cafeteria

7:45- 8:15     Announcements/ Read to self

8:15-8:20       Calendar & Morning Message

8:20-8:50      Writer’s Workshop

8:55-9:45       Activity

9:55-10:30     Phonics

10:30-10:50   Conference #1/Daily 5

10:50-11:10   Conference #2/Daily 5

11:15-11:45   Lunch/ Bathroom

12:00-12:20   Conference #3/Daily 5

12:20-12:45   Grammar

12:45-1:40    Math 

1:45-2:00       Recess

2:00-2:30       Social Studies

2:30-3:00       Science

3:00-3:10      Pack Up

3:10             Dismissal

Upcoming Events: 
- Nov. 19-23: Thanksgiving break
- Dec. 6: Christmas program
- Dec. 21: Early release for winter break
- Dec. 24-Jan. 7: Winter break