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1st Grade

From little seeds grow might trees....
Hello from Bertram Elementary's 1st Grade Team: Mrs. Lowe, Ms. Nichols and Mrs. Wagner.
We are very excited to be teaching our future leaders of the world.

What We Are Learning.....


  • MATH 5th 6th weeks


    Identify and describe 2-dimensional shapes

    Create 2- dimensional figures

    Classify and sorts regular and irregular 2-dimensional shapes

    Compose 2-dimensional shapes to produce a target shape

    Identify and describe 3-dimensional solids

    Divide 2-dimensional figures into ½ and ¼

    Describe a partitioned 2-dimensional shape using words

    Identify examples and non-examples of ½ and ¼

    Tell time to the half hour



    ELA 5th 6th weeks

    Decode vowel digraphs (oo, ea, ee, oa, ou, ow, ie, oi, oy)

    Restate the main idea

    Conduct research to gather information

    Use text features to locate information (table of content, index)

    Record research in writing

    Edit drafts for grammar, capitalization, punctuation and spelling

    Publish and share writing with others

Our 1st Grade Schedule

7:40             Pick up Students from cafeteria

7:45- 8:15     Announcements/ Read to self

8:15-8:20       Calendar & Morning Message

8:20-8:50      Writer’s Workshop

8:55-9:45       Activity

9:55-10:30     Phonics

10:30-10:50   Conference #1/Daily 5

10:50-11:10   Conference #2/Daily 5

11:15-11:45   Lunch/ Bathroom

12:00-12:20   Conference #3/Daily 5

12:20-12:45   Grammar

12:45-1:40    Math 

1:45-2:00       Recess

2:00-2:30       Social Studies

2:30-3:00       Science

3:00-3:10      Pack Up

3:10             Dismissal

Upcoming Events: 
- March 11- 15 Spring Break
-April 5th - Early Release
-April 19th Student/Staff Holiday
May 23 - Last Day of School