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1st Grade

From little seeds grow might trees....
Hello from Bertram Elementary's 1st Grade Team: Mrs. Lowe, Ms. Nichols and Mrs. Wagner.
We are very excited to be teaching our future leaders of the world.

What We Are Learning.....



    Math 6th 6 Weeks


     -Understanding that the = sign represents both sides are the same value

    -Determine an unknown number in adding or subtracting

    -Demonstrate how to measure an object

    -Measure and describe the length to the nearest whole unit

    -Distinguish between spending and saving

    -Measure the same object with 2 different length units and explain why it differs   



    ELA 6th 6 Weeks


    -Decode vowel digraphs (ay,ai,aw,au,ew)

    -Decode final stable patterns (ple, ble)

    -Ask relevant questions, seek clarification, locate facts & details in stories

    -Retell the order of evens in sequence

    -Describe actions and feeling of characters

    -Write a detailed story with a beginning, middle & end

    -Use transition words in writing

    -Use the entire writing process when writing

Our 1st Grade Schedule

7:40             Pick up Students from cafeteria

7:45- 8:15     Announcements/ Read to self

8:15-8:20       Calendar & Morning Message

8:20-8:50      Writer’s Workshop

8:55-9:45       Activity

9:55-10:30     Phonics

10:30-10:50   Conference #1/Daily 5

10:50-11:10   Conference #2/Daily 5

11:15-11:45   Lunch/ Bathroom

12:00-12:20   Conference #3/Daily 5

12:20-12:45   Grammar

12:45-1:40    Math 

1:45-2:00       Recess

2:00-2:30       Social Studies

2:30-3:00       Science

3:00-3:10      Pack Up

3:10             Dismissal

Upcoming Events: 
-April 10th Field Trip to Inks Lake
-April 19th Student/Staff Holiday
-May 8th - Trip to State Capital
-May 21 - End of Year Awards
-May 23 - Last Day of School