Bertram Elementary

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Principal's Message

Dear Bertram Families,


 I am delighted to be coming onboard as your new principal! I know wwill have plenty of time to get to know one another this year, but I also know that you will be curious about your new principal” and the greathings wwill have in storfor youchildrefor the 2018-2019 school year. Please know that I afully dedicated to making sure thaBertram Elementary School will be safewelcoming, and aexceptional placfor succesand learning.  Our children deserve no less


As principal, I believe that we are all partners at Bertram Elementary and share a common goal: To provide a safe, happy, and successful learning experience for each and every student. Please know that this is your school, and we welcome your involvement. This year, we have a family event planned once a month so that there is ample opportunity for parents to get involved.  At Bertram, we recognize that families are their child’s first and most important teachers. I am fully dedicated to making sure that Bertram Elementary is safe, welcoming, and an exceptional place for success and learning. My goal is to continue  building a strong, exciting school that provides an outstanding educational experience for all students. 


At Bertram, we have an amazing team of teachers that work hard to provide the very best education for your child. Our teachers and students love to learn and they do it well. As part of the Bertram Community, I know you share my sense of pride in our school! I am looking forward to an exciting year working with our  students, families, and community. 


Go Bulldogs! 



Bonnie Sullivan