Bertram Elementary

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Principal's Message

Dear Bertram Families,
I am very excited to be joining Bertram Elementary as your Principal. Just a little about myself, I have 17 years of experience in Elementary Education.  I have been blessed with diverse experiences that have given me opportunities to work with diverse groups of students and families. I believe that people are at the heart of the work do in schools and relationships are a key element to successful schools. I was drawn to Bertram because of the relationships that can be formed and cultivated in a small school.
Like many of the teachers at Bertram, I love our school and the symbol that the historic classic building is to this community. The Classic Building is a living symbol of our community's commitment to the education of each young person who enters our doors. On a side note, if you drop by my office you will find my great-grandfather's 100 year-old school slate and the handbell from his one room school house.  Like the Classic Building, my great-grandfather's slate and bell remind me of the transcending gift that is a quality public education. 
This year we will strive to provide a learning environment that enriches your child each day with new ideas, engaging experiences, and supportive relationships. Our goal is for every student to reach their fullest potential during their time at Bertram Elementary School. I am excited to meet the students and families of Bertram Elementary and begin a wonderful year together.
Alicia Harris