November 2022 Gem Of Appreciation

Bertram Elementary is proud to announce Shayna Clark as our November Gem of Appreciation.  Shayna serves as our Focus Teacher. Several of her colleagues have noticed and appreciate her dedication to both students and staff. Here is what others say about her.
"Shayna has taken over the FOCUS department at our school. She is available to consult about students. She comes and checks on our students and does a great job communicating with teachers and parents. She's built relationships and does whatever it takes to try and support her students."
 "She is always helping everyone else, even when she is super busy with her own job"
"Shayna's work is vital and noticed across campus by all. She is constantly working hard around the clock to support not only the students but the teachers as well. No one has worked harder than her to make me feel more welcome. "
We are so blessed to have Ms. Clark as a Bertram Bulldog!
**A huge thanks to our Bertram Bulldog PTO for sponsoring the flowers.**