New Car Rider Maps & Daily Transportation Form

Dear Families, 

Two essential items need your attention in this email. First, we need parents to complete the End of Day Transportation Form. This form is where you provide us with how your child will be going home each day on the first week of school and every day after that. For student safety, we account for every child every afternoon and must have a form for each student. Please complete this form once for each child by 8 am on Tuesday, August 16th. Teachers will also have Chromebooks available in the classroom at Meet the Teacher if you need help or access to a computer. This form will run on mobile devices. 

Second, please review the Car Rider Morning Drop-Off Map and the Car Rider Afternoon Drop-Off Map.

For morning drop-off, we will continue to queue down Grande Street, turning right on Central Blvd. Cars will take a right on Main Street and turn left into the new parking lot. Cars will line up in the outside and middle lanes and merge into one lane along the curb. Our new sidewalks allow students to exit the vehicle along the curb from the front of the pavilion to the gym. Students should only exit the vehicle on the passenger side onto the curb. We will have extra staff and volunteers during the first days of school, helping everyone learn the new system. Please be patient. As a reminder, school zones are cell phone-free areas. 

Map of morning drop off line.

For afternoon drop pick-up, we will continue to direct traffic down Grande Street, turning right on Central Blvd. Cars will take a right on Main Street and turn left into the parking lot. Parents will queue based on the grade level of the OLDEST child they are picking up. The outside lane will be for students or groups where the OLDEST child is in PreK through 2nd Grades. The center lane will be for parents picking up students or groups in which the OLDEST child is in 3rd through 5th grades. We will be loading cars on both sides of the pavilion. A staff member will be directing traffic at the parking lot exit on Main Street. As a reminder, school zones, including the parking lot, are cell phone-free zones. For student safety, we will not release students to adults walking up to the pavilion fencing. All adults who walk up will be asked to wait on the porch near the office and will be helped after all students in the pavilion have been loaded into their cars. Thank you for your patience during the first few weeks of school as everyone learns the new system. 

 Map of afternoon pick-up line