Bertram Elementary

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Educational Assistant of the Year

Bertram Elementary is proud to announce Aline Heine as our Educational Assistant of the Year. If you have spent any time at Bertram Elementary, you probably know the special and important role and Ms. Aline has on our campus. Ms. Aline is the friendly voice that parents hear when they call Bertram Elementary and the first face greets visitors to our school. Ms. Aline is always there ready to help in any way she can. She greets students at the front doors every morning and sends them off in the car line every afternoon. Each day Ms. Aline tends to the needs of the campus both big and small. She ensures that students have all that they need to learn, that teachers and staff have all that they need to be able to teach, and that parents know Bertram Elementary will always take care of their children. We are so grateful and blessed that Aline Heine is a Bertram Bulldog!