Bertram Elementary

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Bertram Elementary Teacher of the Year

Bertram Elementary is proud to recognize Stacey Snyder as our 2021 Teacher of the Year! Stacey serves as the Focus Teacher at Bertram. Her colleagues recognize her contributions to Bertram Elementary sharing that she “embodies Spirit, Pride, and Honor everywhere she goes throughout the school. She is always very calm and patient even in the most difficult situations and her calm spirit seems to be infectious.” She “is a professional who always exemplifies teamwork, problem solving and leadership. She is always approachable and ready to listen, share or collaborate.” “She embodies what the true definition of a teacher is by modeling through her actions how to be kind, understanding, driven, and determined to make her students feel valued. She is “an invaluable source of positivity and support. She is always there to support our students and teachers. Our campus is better for having her.”