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Gems of Appreciation

September 2017 Gems of Appreciation

Our Bertram Elementary Family unanimously voted to recognize our Custodial Team as our September Gem of Appreciation recipient(s).
When our Bertram Family was asked to share what makes our Custodial Team so special, here is what they had to say:
This is not just a job to them; they truly care and everything they do is done with love.
They take pride in our school and it shows.
They take the initiative and never have to be asked to do things.
They are very hard workers and always have a positive attitude and a smile on their face.
They were amazing at helping move furniture and organize and set up our classrooms before school started.
Our classrooms, hallways and buildings are always super clean and everything always looks so nice.
They are the BEST EVER.....always cheerful, upbeat with staff and kiddos....our school is neat and clean......we are BLESSED!
They deserve to be recognized for the great job they do.
They are all so kind and friendly; they go out of their way to help us.
They are amazIng! Kyle literally asks everyday if I need anything and he always does things immediately. They all are willing to help and go above and beyond.
They have built relationships with staff and students and are all so friendly. They always ask us how our day has been.
They go the extra mile and never hesitate to help.
They help at the drop of a hat and always with a smile.
They go above and beyond to ensure safe, clean, effective learning environments for our students.
They are always smiling and happy to do a good job - and everything is taken care of clean. I've even heard Erin and other custodians reinforcing our hallway rules with students, simply because they care.
Please join us in congratulating and celebrating our Bertram Elementary Custodial Team! We are blessed to call them FAMILY!
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April Gem of Appreciation

Mary Allen, Bertram Elementary
"Mrs. Allen greets students in the car rider line each morning with a smile and helps with car dismissal in the afternoons."
"During the day, Mrs. Allen works diligently as an RTI Interventionist and gets so excited when students excel. Ms. Allen wears many hats and is always willing to help wherever she is needed. Please help us give a big shout out to Mary Allen!"
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March Gem of Appreciation

MENDY BARROW is truly a gem! She has been spearheading a fluency campaign that has greatly benefitted our children and her infectious enthusiasm for reading intervention is sweeping our campus! Mendy humbly shares her knowledge and loves to collaborate with all teachers/staff (new and seasoned) to ensure success for our students. Besides sharing her reading knowledge and expertise, Mendy also shares her creative and artistic talents. Mendy leads our Special Events Committee in orchestrating and/or decorating for special events such as the Homecoming Parade, 100 Day Parade, Fall Carnival, Christmas Program and STAAR Pep-Rally, just to name a few. Mendy is a great example of a lifelong learner and an exceptional role model for all. We are blessed to have Mendy Barrow at Bertram Elementary!
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February Gem of Appreciation

Please help Bertram Elementary congratulate our Registrar, Debbie Brooks, for being selected to receive the Gem of Appreciation award for February!

There are truly not enough words to describe what an amazing person Debbie is. She does so many things for our campus on a daily basis and all with a positive, helpful and happy spirit! Below are a few words our staff had to share about Debbie -
She always has a listening ear when needed.
She never forgets a birthday.
She greets parents, students, guests, teachers and staff with a warm, friendly smile in the front office.
She writes sweet notes to teachers, staff, parents, community members and others .
She is extremely organized and efficient.
She spoils us by keeping us organized with report cards, attendance, subs, 6-weeks awards, reports and the list goes on and on....
She bakes the best chocolate chip cookies!!!
She has a heart of gold and is a true blessing to our campus!
We may be partial but in our eyes, Debbie is the BEST of the BEST!!!
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January 2017 Gem of Appreciation

"Instructional Partner Dee Nivault is a true gem. She is bright and happy in the mornings and is a wonderful greeter for our students. She volunteers to help in many areas and looks for things that need to be done and then gets them done! On top of being a shining IP, she makes great hot sauce!"
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November 2016 Gem of Appreciation

"Bertram Elementary is extremely proud to recognize Mrs. Bremer, Pre-K teacher, as our November Gem! Mrs. Bremer is one amazing lady as she contributes in so many ways on our campus. Mrs. Bremer is always excited to see her students and her patience never wears thin. Her generous nature and loving heart helps to create a positive environment on our campus.
Between baking weekly cakes and providing beautiful flowers and plants on our campus, Charlsie Bremer is a beloved friend and family member at Bertram Elementary!"
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October 2016 Gem of Appreciation

Congratulations to Megan Fulbright for being selected as the "Gem" at Bertram Elementary for the month of October!

Megan joined our campus this year where she teaches in one of our Lifeskills classrooms. She has been a tremendous asset and we have seen the confidence level and success of students soar! Megan has an infectious smile and a big heart filled with love for every child! Our campus is blessed to have Megan; she is a gem in every way!
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