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Gems of Appreciation

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Gem Of Appreciation

Please join us in congratulating our Bertram Elementary Gem of Appreciation, Susie Guzman! Ms. Guzman is in a new role this year as our Librarian. She has done an outstanding job and students look forward to going to Library every day! When asked to share about Ms. Guzman, below are a few things that staff and students had to say: · STUDENTS – o Good Librarian, enforces the rules, makes reading fun. – Aidan Bell o Respectful, takes good care of the books; I look forward to Library time. – Bruce Gonzales o Respectful to kids, always shows us how to do the right thing. James Luke o Cares about us; Library is fun with her because she gives chances to grow and correct our mistakes. – Brianna Spencer o Nice, respectful, friendly and doesn’t get mad. She lets us watch movies, like Rio. – Miguel Ramirez o Nice, makes Library fun, helps me find books to read. – Mark Anthony o Makes reading fun because she lets us read and sometimes draw. – Josvanny Ramirez · STAFF – o She is always cheerful and upbeat. There is nothing she won't do to help. – Sarah Allen o Always willing to work with anyone in any situation. – Carolyn Pfau o Team player! – Mary Allen o I consider Susie and I a team in the Library! She throws herself into everything I'm trying to accomplish with the kids. She goes above and beyond in so many ways - always asking how she can support me, providing back up when I need it, helping to cover teachers when needed and she is a truly amazing Librarian! The kids LOVE her! She works hard to have fun and engaging activities for the kids in the Library. All the kids look forward to their Library day! I love working with her; we make a great team! – April Woodburn, Counselor
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September 2017 Gems of Appreciation

Our Bertram Elementary Family unanimously voted to recognize our Custodial Team as our September Gem of Appreciation recipient(s). When our Bertram Family was asked to share what makes our Custodial Team so special, here is what they had to say: This is not just a job to them; they truly care and everything they do is done with love. They take pride in our school and it shows. They take the initiative and never have to be asked to do things. They are very hard workers and always have a positive attitude and a smile on their face. They were amazing at helping move furniture and organize and set up our classrooms before school started. Our classrooms, hallways and buildings are always super clean and everything always looks so nice. They are the BEST EVER.....always cheerful, upbeat with staff and kiddos....our school is neat and clean......we are BLESSED! They deserve to be recognized for the great job they do. They are all so kind and friendly; they go out of their way to help us. They are amazIng! Kyle literally asks everyday if I need anything and he always does things immediately. They all are willing to help and go above and beyond. They have built relationships with staff and students and are all so friendly. They always ask us how our day has been. They go the extra mile and never hesitate to help. They help at the drop of a hat and always with a smile. They go above and beyond to ensure safe, clean, effective learning environments for our students. They are always smiling and happy to do a good job - and everything is taken care of clean. I've even heard Erin and other custodians reinforcing our hallway rules with students, simply because they care. Please join us in congratulating and celebrating our Bertram Elementary Custodial Team! We are blessed to call them FAMILY!
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