Bertram Elementary

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Rachel Stevenson

Rachel Stevenson- Special Education- Life Skills Teacher

       This is my fifth year in Special Education! My first two years in education I was a resource teacher, and I learned from that experience that my true passion was to have my own classroom and teach Life Skills. I believe that every child deserves the opportunity to reach their maximum potential, and I am so happy to be given this opportunity to be your students’ teacher and serve your kids! Every child will have an individualized schedule in, but below you will find a generalized master schedule. Below you can also click on the link to watch the virtual meet the teacher slides and videos! If you ever have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

You can contact me at 


Phone: 512-355-3773 (Extension)


Class Schedule


7:15-7:45 Breakfast

7:45-7:50-  Washing Hands

7:50-8:15- Group Work/Morning Work

**(4th Grade Activity)

8:15-8:30- Phonics/Writing (3rd and 5th)

8:30-8:45- Structured Break

** 8:45-9:40 5th grade Activity

8:45-9:00- Story Elements/Grammar (3rd and 5th) 

9:00-9:30- Phonics/Writing (4th Grade)

9:30-9:45- (Story Elements/Grammar) (4th Grade)

10:00 -10:30- Math Group (4th, 5th)

10:35-10:50- Recess All Grades (Ms. Stevenson's Class Only)

10:50- 10:55- Washing Hands

11:00-11:30- Purchase Time (Structured Break)

11:30-12:00- (Lunch for 4th and 5th Graders)

** 11:00-11:50- 3rd Grade Activity

12:00-12:15-  Recess for 4th graders 

**3rd grade Lunch (12-12:30)

12:15- 12:45- Science & Social Studies/Social Skills (4th and 5th)

12:45-1:35- Science Inclusion 4th, 5th grade student joint class for Unique Curriculum (Stevenson Lunch)

1:15-1:20 Wash Hands

1:20-2:45- Individual Educational Plans/Goals

2:45-3:15-  Purchase Time (Structured Break) 

3:15-3:25- Pack Up/Clean Up


Six Weeks Summary:


This six weeks we are working on vc, cvc, and blends in Reading/Phonics. We are learning to edit and how to correctly write sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation. In Science/Social Studies we are learning about our government and the laws/rules and responsibilities. In Math we are working on counting money, skip counting, place value, using a decimal properly, telling time and putting together number sentences.