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Mendy Barrow

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Intervention Teacher
I am the Reading and Math Interventionist at Bertram Elementary.  I work with students in small groups to give academic support and help fill in learning gaps. I also assist Reading/ELA teachers with classroom instruction.  I believe school culture is extremely important. School should be a FUN place to be!  I work with other teachers and staff to make our culture a happy, fun and exciting campus to attend!
I live in Liberty Hill, but I was raised in Bertram and married my high school sweetheart (also from Bertram).  I attended Bertram Elementary as a child, so this is my home!  I LOVE Bertram Elementary!  I believe with all my heart that your child attends the BEST school ever!  Welcome to Bertram Elementary!
Monday - Thursday                                                         Friday
7:45-8:00      Morning Announcements                           7:45-8:00  Morning Announcements
8:15-9:00      Kindergarten Intervention                          8:00-3:00  Progress Monitor, Data Analysis, 
9:00-9:30      4th Grade Intervention                                & Meetings
9:30-10:15    2nd Grade Intervention
10:15-10:45  1st Grade Intervention
10:45-11:30  3rd Grade Wilson Group
11:30-12:00  5th Grade Intervention
12:00-12:55  Conference Time
1:00-1:30      5th Grade Intervention
1:30-2:00      4th Grade Intervention
2:00-2:30      Lunch
2:30-3:00      ARC
3:00             Car Duty
STAAR 2016-2017
"If You Give a Student a STAAR Test"
"Try Everything" the Bertram Way
Contact Information
Bertram Elementary
315 Main Street
Bertram, TX   78605
Room 3 Activity Building
(512) 355-2111 ext.3784