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Kathryn Cox

In my professional journey of 33 years I have served as a classroom teacher in Pre-K, kindergarten, first and second grades, fourth and fifth grades, as well as a junior high teacher. I have taught in Texas, Missouri, and Nebraska.   I am now in my dream job as a K-5 math and reading interventionist!  I teach children of all grade levels in the WIN (What I Need)  lab. I help children close the gaps in their learning so that they are able to make progress and continue to grow.  
Mrs. Cox's Intervention Schedule
7:15-7:40       Duty
7:40-8:40       5th Grade
8:45-9:45       4th Grade
9:50-10:50     3rd Grade
10:50-11:20   Lunch
11:20-12:15   Conference
12:15-1:15     Wilson Reading System
1:20-1:50       2nd Grade
1:55-2:20       1st Grade
2:25-2:55        Kinder
3:00-3:15        Material Preparation with WIN Team
3:15-3:30        Duty 
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